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Dedicated excellence

As a strategy advisory specialist for alternative investment funds, M&R Partners LLP provides highly customised investment fund solutions to institutions and high net worth individuals and their families.
When the two founders of M&R Partners established their process of working with clients, the common vision has been on creating elegant, sustainable, and highly profitable solutions for alternative investment fund structures. M&R Partners is a network of world-class experts, practitioners and service providers and we are here to help our clients reach their goals and serve their needs.

Our core values

The root of all good and sustainable fund partnerships is based in trust. We go the extra miles to earn clients’ trust and confidence.
We believe in focused and agile methods. We bring together the right approaches and the world’s best partners to address clients’ needs.
Passion is central to how we operate. We as a team are driven not just by the success of our clients but also the wider societal and cultural impacts it brings.
Our ultimate purpose is to provide clients with an investment vehicle that delivers long-term capital appreciation with a robust risk management framework.

Our value propositions

We leverage close relationships with a whole range of best in-class professional services providers and deliver a comprehensive package of cost-efficient business solutions that can help achieve clients’ strategic goals and objectives. We have access to experts in various fields of business operations and management services ranging from legal advisors, due diligence & risk management specialist, financial advisors, regulatory agencies, valuation experts, and accounting & auditing firms (please visit our expert network for more detail).
Our typical services include:
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  • Consulting and strategic advisory to help clients design, build and manage optimal organisational structure (e.g. an innovative investment platform for a multi-national business organisation)
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  • Develop and establish performance indicators suitable for assessment, horizon scanning to identify business opportunities and perform initial screening of proposed deal(s)
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  • Carry out macro-economic analysis and industry review, produce due diligence report of the proposed investment projects and verify commercial viability of the deals
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  • Perform preliminary risk analysis on the business portfolio composition and exposures to certain geographic locations and industry sectors
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  • Coordinate the results of investment analyses and reviews with all necessary parties (e.g. accounting & auditing service provider and external valuation expert)
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  • Facilitating decision making process by providing evidence based recommendations to project stakeholders (e.g. the General Partners and the Fund Manager (AIFM))
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  • Help design and deliver proper documentation necessary for setting up an investment vehicle (e.g. investment proposals and financial projections)
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  • Provide leadership development service to senior fund executives and consulting on strategic opportunities (e.g. M&A brokerage and support)

M&R Thought Leadership: Brexit, what is next?

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There are so many issues that need to be addressed as the British government has invoked Article 50 and must enter into formal negotiations with the EU. It is inevitable that ambiguity and uncertainty will continue to drive the economies in both UK and the European continent for the next few years. Meanwhile, French and German elections are adding a lot of context to the negotiation process that is already full of complexities.

The UK and EU economy are in a new territory and only time will tell… It seems that the initial discussions on the divorce process suggest that the negotiations will be turbulent as the EU and the UK could hardly be further apart in their views on both the process to establish a new set of arrangements and the desired outcome of it.

Although some financial firms have already started planning to relocate their offices, most private sector companies are still monitoring the situation closely, but soon they will have to make necessary changes as a result of Brexit. No one size fits all approach will work here and business will have to manage the challenges and explore the opportunities as the Brexit process unfolds.

At M&R Partners, we are planning to have a series of strategy workshops to help businesses and high net worth individuals make sense of the latest developments on the implications of Brexit and what it might mean for their global business interests. Please contact us if you want to know more.